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About Sharma Furniture

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Sharma Furniture is the well known service provider for interior designing of various firms, companies, hotels etc and also specializes in furniture manufacture. Established in the year 1995, the company is committed to design an eco-friendly world within a home.

The company executes and complete the projects in such a way that it creates a feeling that echoes the clients desires straight from the heart as well as the mind. Our designs feature everything from the affordable art to the magnificent display of your home or office with sculptor-cut finishes. We apply all the modern technologies while designing a home, office, kitchen etc. or while making furniture.

We use our unique and stunning ideas for interior spaces of our clients and use various techniques of interior design by focusing on practical application of our concepts. We enjoy working with new challenging projects of interior designing and take pride in staying informed with the latest techniques. We design a home which touches the soul entirely, and not just a house made of bricks and mortar.

Our Strengths We get to know the client requirements about their living style as well as their desire before starting any project. This helps our management to give proper attention to the project and also helps us to define the scope of work for interior designing. We focus on all the mystery as well as misconception. This helps us to achieve our aim for a world class output.
Design Team Our design teams approach proves that we have the collaborative spirit that has helped each of us produce award-winning solutions for a variety of residential and commercial clients. Our team of designers are experienced in residential and commercial sectors. They execute the project confidently and admirably.